Thursday, 17 September 2015

New Galt Collection

The new publication, Four Galt Novels, with an introduction by Ian Campbell, is a collection of the following: Annals of the Parish; The Ayrshire Legatees; The Provost; and The Entail. It was today published by Kennedy & Boyd.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Galt Society Commemoration

Today, the Society held its own commemoration at Galt's grave in Greenock. About 25 members gathered to see a wreath being laid by the award-winning author Andrew O'Hagan who spoke of how Galt had inspired him. A lament was played by fiddler Alison McNeill, below:

Members then enjoyed a lunch, hosted by Andrew, where they heard a talk on Galt's later novels by emeritus Professor of Scottish Literature, Douglas Gifford. We hope to put the text of that talk on the website in due course.

Andrew O'Hagan laying the wreath.

Our chair Prof. Gerry Carruthers welcomes the members.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Galt's birthday Commemoration

Today is Galt's birthday.

Irvine Burns Club held a commemoration ceremony at his birthplace in Irvine. A wreath was laid by North Ayrshire Provost Joan Sturgeon (the modern successor to James Pawkie) and Society Chair Gerry Carruthers talked about the current resurgence of interest in the author. The wreath-laying was followed by a reception in the Club premises where guests could see Galt's letter, sent from Guelph in 1828, accepting the offer to become Irvine Burns Club's first honorary member. The Club also has a fine and extensive collection of Galt first editions.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

New edition

Today, on the anniversary of the founding of Guelph by Galt in 1827, Vocamus Press published a new edition of Galt's play "The Star of Destiny" together with the short story "The German's Tale". The publishers can be contacted at

L to R: John B McMillan, Director of the Scottish Studies Foundation in Toronto; David Knight, Editor of the book; and Gil Stelter, emeritus Professor of History at the launch.
An enthusiastic cast doing a reading of the play's second Act.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

New Galt bust

See below for some pictures of the unveiling of the replacement bust of Galt on Greenock Esplanade that took place today. The unveiling was carried out by Inverclyde Provost Robert Moran and the bust was sculpted by Wayne Darnell. Among a crowd of about 50 people there were representatives of Irvine Burns Club, Irvine Lasses Burns Club and our Chair, Gerry Carruthers.
Replacement bust.
Close-up of bust.

Left to right: sculptor Wayne Darnell, Provost Robert Moran, and Prof. Gerry Carruthers.