Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Upcoming Edinburgh Edition of Selected Works

Preparations are underway to publish a scholarly edition of Galt's works with Edinburgh University Press. Beginning in 2020, the following volumes will be the first to appear:

  • Annals of the Parish (ed. Robert Irvine)
  • Sir Andrew Wylie, of that Ilk (ed. Sharon Alker)
  • The Entail (ed. Mark Schoenfield & Clare Simmons)
  • The Provost (ed. Caroline McCracken-Flesher)
  • Three Short Novels: Glenfell, Andrew of Padua, The Omen (ed. Angela Esterhammer)
  • Bogle Corbet (ed. Katie Trumpener)
In addition, the research team of Prof. Angela Esterhammer, General Editor of the series, has set up a website profiling the John Galt Project at the University of Toronto.

Among other things, the site features transcriptions of unpublished manuscript material held at the Archives of Ontario.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Galt Bibliography

Bibliographies are extremely valuable companions in the study of any writer. The Centre for Robert Burns Studies recently launched the new descriptive bibliography of Robert Burns editions (1786-1802). As guides for scholars and students, bibliographies can be immersive - taking you through the works of a writer year by year, or place by place - or they can show you the true extent of a writer's oeuvre.

There is a good overview of Galt's works in the form of an early bibliography which you can find in The Records of the Glasgow Bibliographical Society vol, 9 (Glasgow, Jackson, Wylie & Co., 1931). More recently, at the University of Guelph, Tim Sauer produced an updated, descriptive bibliography of the works of John Galt (1998). 

It is our pleasure to announce that this wonderful resource has recently been made available online by the University of Guelph, and is now free and accessible here. We trust that it will prove useful to countless Galt scholars and students as we continue to discuss his legacy.


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

AGM 2017

The Society's AGM will be held on Saturday 1st April in 7 University Gardens, Glasgow at 10:30. Professor Ian Campbell (who incidentally published an excellent omnibus edition of 4 Galt novels last year) has agreed to speak on Galt and Change. We also intend to show an episode from the 1970s BBC Scotland production of The Annals of the Parish. The tape was thought to be lost but thanks to Professor Douglas Gifford a video has been unearthed and has been digitised by the University. We are grateful to Glasgow University for their continuing assistance to the Society.

Galt Lecture

We are reviving the tradition started by the Greenock Philosophical Society of having an annual Galt lecture but on this occasion we are going to the birthplace and to the newly refurbished Irvine Townhouse. The day is Saturday 6th May and we are delighted that Professor Sir Tom Devine will be the speaker. It will be an evening event with a light supper. Details of the title, precise time and cost will be sent to you nearer the time.