Upcoming Edinburgh Edition of Selected Works

Preparations are underway to publish a scholarly edition of Galt's works with Edinburgh University Press. Beginning in 2020, the following volumes will be the first to appear:

  • Annals of the Parish (ed. Robert Irvine)
  • Sir Andrew Wylie, of that Ilk (ed. Sharon Alker)
  • The Entail (ed. Mark Schoenfield & Clare Simmons)
  • The Provost (ed. Caroline McCracken-Flesher)
  • Three Short Novels: Glenfell, Andrew of Padua, The Omen (ed. Angela Esterhammer)
  • Bogle Corbet (ed. Katie Trumpener)
In addition, the research team of Prof. Angela Esterhammer, General Editor of the series, has set up a website profiling the John Galt Project at the University of Toronto.

Among other things, the site features transcriptions of unpublished manuscript material held at the Archives of Ontario.