Friday, 1 November 2019

Tour of Galt's Glasgow

On 1st October members enjoyed a walking tour of Galt's Glasgow, led by local historian Michael Martin.  We started at Glasgow Cross, made our way down to Glasgow Green and then back up the Saltmarket and High Street.  Refreshed by a cup of tea in the St Mungo Museum we moved back down the hill by way of some fascinating lanes and alleyways which we would ordinarily never have noticed to finish at Stockwell Street .  We were favoured by a sunny afternoon and by MIchael's extensive knowledge of both Galt's works and the Glasgow of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.  We are grateful to Michael for giving us his time and his expertise.

For more on this theme why not browse the slides on show during Craig Lamont's talk on Galt and Glasgow [image from presentation].

Monday, 1 July 2019

New article on Galt

FYI: Jeffrey Cass, 'John Galt: Capitalism and Ecology', The Wordsworth Circle (Spring 2019, p. 247).

Galt's Glasgow & Visit to Abbotsford

As announced at the AGM the Society will be organising a walking tour of Galt's Glasgow, guided by Michael Martin.  The date has not yet been fixed but is likely to be late September or early October.  We are also trying to arrange a visit to the library at Abbotsford, probably during August.  Members who would like to participate in either (or both) of these events can register their interest with the Secretary at

The 2019 Memorial Lecture

The 2019 Memorial Lecture was delivered in Irvine Town House by Professor Ian Campbell.  His subject was "Galt and the Kirk" and, with particular reference to The Ayrshire Legatees and Annals of the Parish, he showed how Galt described both the extent of the influence the Church wielded in small Scottish communities and how and why that influence was eroded as the eighteenth century gave way to the nineteenth.  The lecture was very well received by an audience which included a visiting party from Guelph, the city Galt founded in Ontario and which included 2 actors and musicians who entertained the company before the lecture with a dramatised performance relating to the founding of the city and the issues which colonisation raised.  We are again grateful to North Ayrshire Council for their generous hospitality in hosting this event.