New article on 'Presbyterianism, "Scottish Literature," and John Galt's Annals of the Parish.'

A new article concerning Annals of the Parish has been published in Studies in Scottish Literature. Written by Bob Irvine (who was due to speak at our AGM before the lockdown intervened), the article is another excellent scholarly contribution to Galt's legacy.

The article can be downloaded for free on the SSL page, here.

The abstract:

In discussing religion in John Galt's novel about religious and social change in a small West of Scotland town between 1760 and 1820, suggests “Scottish literature” was forged, not in opposition to Calvinist theological ideas, but to the Kirk as a rival national institution, and that Scottish literature became "national," less through self-from the literature of another nation (England), than from another institution with a rival claim to represent the same nation, namely the established Scottish church.