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  1. My name is Robert Densmore Brill. I am the first American independent scholar of Edgar Allan Poe to conduct a project to investigate the connection of Poe to his ancestors. That began in 1996 and ended in 2013, in Ayrshire, Scotland. Our biography of Poe's Scottish Connections is 885 pages, in 2 volumes. It includes data on three important writers of the Romantic Literary movement: Burns, Galt, and Poe. I coined the term, "The Ayrshire Lads" to keep them in focus and identified. They were cousins through John Allan, Poe's foster father. Please let me know if you have further interests in this subject, as The Robert Burns World Federation and the Poe Studies Association do.

  2. Dear members of John Galt Society, I post the following for information, but with the hope that your members will inquire as to the connection of the three "Ayrshire Lads," Burns, Galt, and Poe.

    RBWF Contact Form Submission: March 2020 Newsletter

    RBWF Admin
    Fri, Jul 3, 1:51 PM (3 days ago)
    Hello Robert, So nice to hear that you are enjoying reading the July Newsletter. It is certainly packed with interesting stories and news and is a colourful issue.

    Bob Brill
    Sun, Jul 5, 3:48 PM (17 hours ago)
    to RBWF, bcc: Mike, bcc: Murdo, bcc: Chris, bcc: Rajeshwar, bcc: Amy, bcc: John

    Thailand Sunday 5 July 2020

    Dear Anne and Loraine:

    I received your reply, downloaded your March Newsletter, and printed it up while Nong Pat gets our new refrigerator unpacked for use!

    I am ever grateful of the connection that Grace and I had with all of the Scottish organizations, for that resulted in a never-before investigated and written biography of not only Edgar Allan Poe, but his cousins, who I collectively call, The Ayrshire Lads: Robert Burns, and John Galt, and Edgar Allan Poe.

    I have sent about 30+ copies to persons in Ayrshire who were instrumental in my gathering information of these esteemed writers. I believe that I sent you a copy of my gift list, but it included your Mike Deguid, Murdo Morrison, The Irvine Burns Club, the Greenock Burns Club, and many others.

    My remaining goal is to show each of the societies of Burns, Galt, and Poe the importance of forming a larger awareness of their literary importance. Our biography is a study of not only Burns, but the necessary existence of his work to that of John Galt's, and in turn, to that of Poe's.

    Given the RBWF's new literary connection of the University of Edinburgh, there will be a necessary opportunity of university student scholarship at Edinburgh, but also at Glasgow as well. I remain available to the RBWF, and any others who will see the importance of our Poe biography to exciting relationships Grace and I learned of while climbing the moors and glens of Scotland in search of these many family and literary connections.

    For the present, then, I remain, yours aye

    Bob Brill

  3. Thailand, July 6, 2020 Another item, but very important. When my partner, Grace Kenmotsu, and I were at the James Watt Library learning of the connection of Burns to Galt, we came across an unfinished manuscript of Galts:
    "With the foregoing points from Mabbatt in mind, and with the understanding that a distillation of all the science emanating out of Glasgow and the Western intellectual period called The Enlightenment, Galt's play may have been the "egg" that preceded the birth of the "chicken." In other words, academic activities of that time appear to have been instrumental in the literature of understanding that followed on both sides of the Atlantic; however, only Galt and Poe have written of the cosmos. Our knowledge of the classical American and British writers of that period show us that no others concerned themselves with such subjects as the growing sciences of cosmology and their coming confrontation with belief in a God. Ironically, we would not have rediscovered this masterpiece were it not for Ms. Couperwhite. She had been so gracious with her assistance at helping us find this book, or that illustration, which she thought might later prove important to us after we had time to sort through all of the documents that she gave us. In fact, shamefully, we admit that she was becoming rather like a pest in her "digging out things." Look, now, at the following "thing."

    King Edward III

    [persona] Godfry de Mildis & Student

    "How still is all the silent flowing Iris--[ ]
    Holds on its course like the tide of time,[ ]
    Constant and unperceptible--Ha--what is it you
    That with strange glorious fire of Orion's head--[ ]

    [The foregoing, and all lines herein, were much written, lined out, and over-written, with the page finally lined out completely. The first page was very difficult to read, but it set the stage for what follows. Students of English literature will be struck by the name Godfry, as of Godfry Chaucer, who was employed in King Edward III's reign, on his "expedition to Antwerp in 1338." p. xi of Baugh Galt's play has some phrases and names as follows, in a prologue, but then it is entirely scratched out of the work that begins at page two, with the Student, is the following continuous dialogue.]

    Student: I saw it yester night too dimly, but be you afright-

    Godfry: In what part of the skye

    Student: Orion's head,
    I saw it but the...."

    I beleive the Head Librarian at the time, Lesley Cooperwhite, on our information, took the document and had it Indexed? But I tell you for your certain investigation of this document. VTY, R. Brill, Author