This page will host the papers and essays delivered by our speakers at John Galt Society events as well as those published elsewhere.  

Delivered papers
1. Christopher A. Whatley: 'John Galt and Scottish Social History in the Era of Enlightenment and Urbanisation', University of Glasgow, 6 December 2014.
2. Colin Kidd: 'The Ayrshire Enlightenment,' University of Glasgow, 6 December 2014.
3. Douglas Gifford: 'John Galt: The Practical Romantic?' Tontine Hotel, Greenock, 8 May 2015. 
4. Ian McGhee: 'John Galt and North America', University of Glasgow, 30 April 2016.
5. Honor Rieley: '"Betwitxt and Between": John Galt, Canada, and the Periodical Press', University of Glasgow, 30 April 2016.
6. Craig Lamont: "Galt and Glasgow", University of Glasgow, 24 March 2018.

Journal articles*
1. Gerard Lee McKeever: '"With wealth come wants": Scottish Romanticism as improvement in the Fiction of John Galt', Studies in Romanticism 55:1 (2016).
2. Angela Esterhammer: "John Galt's The Omen: Interpretation and its Discontents", European Romantic Review 27:4 (2016).
3. Jeffrey Cass, 'John Galt and the Colonisation of Canada', The Wordsworth Circle (Spring-Summer 2013, p. 136)
4. Jeffrey Cass, 'John Galt, Happy Colonialist', The Wordsworth Circle (Summer 2010, p. 167).
5. Jeffrey Cass, 'John Galt: Capitalism and Ecology', The Wordsworth Circle (Spring 2019, p. 247)

*Please note you may need a subscription, or access to the journal from within a subscribing institution

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