Publications & Papers

This page is intended as a showcase of new scholarship either fully or partly concerned with Galt Studies.

The Edinburgh Edition of the Works of John Galt

Series ongoing, edited by Angela Esterhammer

Annals of the Parish (2020) edited by Robert P. Irvine

Three Short Novels (2020) edited by Angela Esterhammer

The Entail (2022) edited by Mark Schoenfield and Clare Simmons

The Ayrshire Legatees, The Steam-Boat, The Gathering of the West (2022) edited by Mark Parker 

Lawrie Todd (2023) edited by Regina Hewitt


Kenneth McNeil, Scottish Romanticism and Collective Memory in the British Atlantic (Edinburgh: EUP, 2021)

Craig Lamont, The Cultural Memory of Georgian Glasgow (Edinburgh: EUP, 2021)

Gerard Lee McKeever, Dialectics of Improvement: Scottish Romanticism, 1786-1831 (Edinburgh: EUP, 2020)

Gerard Carruthers and Colin Kidd (eds.), The International Companion to John Galt (Glasgow: Association for Scottish Literary Studies, 2017)

Regina Hewitt (ed.), John Galt: Observations & Conjectures on Literature, History, and Society (Lewisburg, Bucknell UP, 2012)

Essays & articles

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Jeffrey Cass, 'John Galt: Capitalism and Ecology', The Wordsworth Circle (Spring 2019, p. 247)
Angela Esterhammer, 'John Galt's The Omen: Interpretation and its Discontents', European Romantic Review 27:4 (2016)
Jeffrey Cass, 'John Galt and the Colonisation of Canada', The Wordsworth Circle (Spring-Summer 2013)
Jeffrey Cass, 'John Galt, Happy Colonialist', The Wordsworth Circle (Summer 2010)


Papers delivered to the Society

Craig Lamont,  'The Cultural Memory of Georgian Glasgow & John Galt', Zoom, 26 March 2021 [AGM]

Craig Lamont, 'Galt and Glasgow', University of Glasgow, 24 March 2018

Honor Rieley, '"Betwitxt and Between": John Galt, Canada, and the Periodical Press', University of Glasgow, 30 April 2016

Ian McGhee, 'John Galt and North America', University of Glasgow, 30 April 2016

Douglas Gifford, 'John Galt: The Practical Romantic?' Tontine Hotel, Greenock, 8 May 2015

Christopher A. Whatley, 'John Galt and Scottish Social History in the Era of Enlightenment and Urbanisation', University of Glasgow, 6 December 2014.

Colin Kidd, 'The Ayrshire Enlightenment,' University of Glasgow, 6 December 2014.