Publications & Papers

This page is intended as a showcase of new scholarship either fully or partly concerned with Galt Studies.

The Edinburgh Edition of the Works of John Galt

Series ongoing, edited by Angela Esterhammer

Volume 1: Annals of the Parish (2020)

Volume 2: Three Short Novels (2020)


Kenneth McNeil, Scottish Romanticism and Collective Memory in the British Atlantic (Edinburgh: EUP, 2021)

Craig Lamont, The Cultural Memory of Georgian Glasgow (Edinburgh: EUP, 2021)

Gerard Lee McKeever, Dialectics of Improvement: Scottish Romanticism, 1786-1831 (Edinburgh: EUP, 2020)

Gerard Carruthers and Colin Kidd (eds.), The International Companion to John Galt (Glasgow: Association for Scottish Literary Studies, 2017)

Regina Hewitt (ed.), John Galt: Observations & Conjectures on Literature, History, and Society (Lewisburg, Bucknell UP, 2012)

Essays & articles

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Jeffrey Cass, 'John Galt: Capitalism and Ecology', The Wordsworth Circle (Spring 2019, p. 247)
Angela Esterhammer, 'John Galt's The Omen: Interpretation and its Discontents', European Romantic Review 27:4 (2016)
Jeffrey Cass, 'John Galt and the Colonisation of Canada', The Wordsworth Circle (Spring-Summer 2013)
Jeffrey Cass, 'John Galt, Happy Colonialist', The Wordsworth Circle (Summer 2010)


Papers delivered to the Society

Craig Lamont,  'The Cultural Memory of Georgian Glasgow & John Galt', Zoom, 26 March 2021 [AGM]

Craig Lamont, 'Galt and Glasgow', University of Glasgow, 24 March 2018

Honor Rieley, '"Betwitxt and Between": John Galt, Canada, and the Periodical Press', University of Glasgow, 30 April 2016

Ian McGhee, 'John Galt and North America', University of Glasgow, 30 April 2016

Douglas Gifford, 'John Galt: The Practical Romantic?' Tontine Hotel, Greenock, 8 May 2015

Christopher A. Whatley, 'John Galt and Scottish Social History in the Era of Enlightenment and Urbanisation', University of Glasgow, 6 December 2014.

Colin Kidd, 'The Ayrshire Enlightenment,' University of Glasgow, 6 December 2014.